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Membership's at Hartfield Park Recreation Centre

Hartfield Park Recreation Centre membership options include Gym, Gym Off Peak, Group Fitness and Combination Gym/Group Fitness.

Membership durations range from one (1), three (3), six (6) and 12 months, as well as a Direct debit option (one upfront payment plus 11 monthly payments). Casual use passes are also available.

All memberships include complimentary appraisals.

Contact Details:
Telephone: (08) 9359 1700

Off peak rate applies from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Hartfield Park Recreation Centre Membership Types and Prices

Membership Length 



Direct Debit 12 Month ContractCombination$72.00
Direct Debit 12 Month ContractGroup Fitness$56.00
Direct Debit 12 Month ContractGym - Peak$53.00
Direct Debit 12 Month ContractGym - Off Peak$47.00
12 MonthsCombination$826.00
12 MonthsGroup Fitness$635.50
12 MonthsGym - Peak$635.50
12 MonthsGym - Off Peak$523.50
6 MonthsCombination$482.00
6 MonthsGroup Fitness$371.00
6 MonthsGym - Peak$370.50
6 MonthsGym - Off Peak$305.00
3 MonthsCombination$275.50
3 MonthsGroup Fitness$211.50
3 MonthsGym - Peak$211.50
3 MonthsGym - Off Peak$174.00
1 MonthCombination$115.00
1 MonthGroup Fitness$88.50
1 MonthGym - Peak$81.50
1 MonthGym - Off Peak$72.50
Casual PassGroup Fitness Class$15.50
Casual PassGym - Peak$16.50
Casual PassGym Off Peak$14.50
10 Class Casual PassGroup Fitness$139.50
20 Class Casual PassGroup Fitness$279.00


High Wycombe Recreation Centre

Due to COVID-19, the High Wycombe Community & Recreation Centre 24/7 Gym is closed until further restrictions are lifted.
If you are a member at the 24/7 gym, feel free to come to Hartfield Park Rec Centre to utilise our gym equipment.

High Wycombe operates as a 24/7 Gym. Membership and fees is done via our online portal.
View membership options and pricing here

Download Direct Debit Form and Service Agreement

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