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As part of the Western Australian legislation, the Government of Western Australia, Department of Justice, hosts the Local Government Act 1995 on its website.

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Other Local Government Acts including Local Laws can be viewed at anytime online via the Government of Western Australia Department of of the Premier and Cabinet - State Law Publisher.

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Standing Orders 2015
Local Government Property 2001
Dog Local Law 2021
Health Local Law 2011
Housing, Numbering and Buildings 1963
Bee Keeping 2008
Removal and Disposal of Obstructing Animal and Vehicles 1963
Extractive Industries 2021
Signs, Hoardings and Bill Postings 1981
Parking and Parking Facilities 2019
Trading on Thoroughfares 2008
Keeping and Control of Animals and Nuisance 2011
Street, Lawns and Gardens 1965
Pest Plants 1979
Fencing 2016
Repeal Local law 2019 (Old Refrigerators and Cabinets)

Listing of Local Laws for the City of Kalamunda are:

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