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Early Years 0-5

Find out how the Zig Zag Early Years Partnership supports families and children aged 0 to 8 in the City of Kalamunda.


Supported by the City of Kalamunda

The Zig Zag Early Years Partnership (ZZEYP) is an early years network which exists within the City of Kalamunda.  Early Years Networks (EYNs) are groups of parents, professionals and community members committed to improving outcomes for children aged zero to eight. The City of Kalamunda is an active member of the ZZEYP, employing a community development officer to assist with the group’s coordination and community activities.

The ZZEYP exists within the City of Kalamunda to support families, early years service providers and early childhood practitioners through the formulation and delivery of early years strategies.

The ZZEYP, with the support of the City of Kalamunda, achieves their mission by:

  • Being actively involved in advocacy for early years service providers
  • Providing opportunities for support and networking for people involved with early years service provision
  • Providing relevant information to families, maintaining a database of early years services and service providers
  • Monitoring Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) data and taking appropriate action as a result of this information

Who is a part of the network?
The ZZEYP network comprises of various providers and advocates for the early years including: 

  • Parents
  • Families
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Teachers
  • Churches
  • Grandparents
  • Child Care Services
  • Child Health Nurses
  • Community Groups
  • Community Members
  • The City of Kalamunda

Like to join the ZZEYP network?
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Connect with them on Facebook:@ZZEYP

For more information about the Zig Zag Early Years Partnership, please contact the Youth and Community Development Officer at the City of Kalamunda
Phone: (08) 9257 9968

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